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The General is designed exclusively for high-risk drivers who have difficulty obtaining coverage from large national insurers. However, because of the company’s exorbitant premiums, unfavorable ratings, and a lack of major discounts, The General is not a viable alternative for people with clean driving histories or those who have had a few accidents.

Even high-risk drivers may discover that switching to another insurance provider is a better option if they appreciate excellent customer service and a simple claims process or are eligible for discounts with other insurers.


  • Drivers with a high-risk profile who would have a difficult time obtaining insurance through another organisation
  • Someone who desires online management of their insurance coverage
  • A driver with a history of automobile accidents


  • Any individual with an unblemished driving record
  • Drivers on the lookout for a firm with a solid record for rapidly resolving consumer disputes

Is The General a Reputable Insurance Company? : Assistance to drivers who require SR-22s, but exorbitant costs and substandard service

The General Car Insurance
The General Car Insurance

The General offers non-standard vehicle insurance designed for high-risk consumers, whether they have a history of accidents or are young drivers.

For example, many insurance companies will decline to insure drivers who are required to file an SR-22.

If the driver requires an SR-22, the form is automatically included in the policy, allowing the driver to quickly fill the form.

The General advertises itself as an inexpensive choice for high-risk drivers, but our examination of quotations in New York state revealed that rivals routinely provide lower rates, even for young drivers and those who have been involved in an accident.

If one of these scenarios applies to you, it may be worthwhile to obtain a quotation, but be careful to consider alternative possibilities.

For drivers who are not deemed high risk, The General offers poor insurance prices and bad customer service.

On the bright side, The General offers a highly rated mobile app and an online site for policy management. policy, The General’s online site, enables consumers to perform basic functions such as making payments, receiving ID cards, and seeing policy data.

While none of the features are novel, they do give high-risk drivers the same benefits as other drivers via big national insurance firms such as State Farm and Farmers.

The rates for general auto insurance
Although The General advertises reasonable coverage for high-risk drivers, our quotation study revealed that the company’s auto insurance prices are not very competitive.

Drivers with a low-risk tolerance should avoid The General entirely. Geico and State Farm charged less than half of what The General charged our sample of 25- and 30-year-old drivers.

The General Car Insurance

Discounts on general auto insurance

The most distinctive discount offered by the General is the twofold deductible discount. The double deductible discount, which is available in several areas where The General operates, doubles your deductible for the first 45 days of your insurance. This results in a reduction in your insurance expenses over the same time period. After that 45-day period, your vehicle insurance deductible will revert to its regular amount, negating the discount’s use for the majority of consumers.

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The General auto insurance coverages

The General does not provide coverage for rented cars. If you often rent automobiles, you may want to consider switching to a different insurance. The General, on the other hand, provides its clients with all of the usual coverage choices offered by the majority of national insurance firms.

Additionally, The General offers a variety of additional optional coverages that clients may choose to add to their policy. These include the following:

Transportation: If your automobile is involved in a covered accident, this extra coverage reimburses you for the cost of hiring a vehicle. While coverage limitations vary according to vehicle type, coverage typically begins at $20 per day for a maximum of 30 days. To qualify for The General’s rental reimbursement, your policy must have comprehensive and collision coverage, a requirement that other insurance providers do not often enforce.

Waiver of deductibles — safety equipment: The deductible waiver coverage is an optional benefit that enables drivers to submit a claim and avoid paying a deductible for repairs to appropriate safety equipment. At the moment, the deductible waiver is only applicable to windshields, as well as door and window glass.

Custom equipment: This add-on covers damage to any aftermarket accessories you’ve installed on your vehicles, such as fog lights, bed liners, or camper shells. Policyholders may increase their coverage for accessories up to $5,000, except in California, where the cap is $1,000. Additionally, this coverage is provided only to drivers who have collision and comprehensive insurance.
24-hour roadside assistance is available: This package includes roadside assistance services such as towing, battery replacement, fluid supply (gas, oil, etc. ), and lockout assistance.

Indemnity scheme for hospitals: An optional add-on that offers coverage for accidental death and dismemberment up to $10,000, medical expenses up to $1,000, and hospital indemnity up to $125 per day for up to one year.

OBEL (optional basic economic loss) coverage: Additional no-fault coverage that covers expenditures in excess of the standard no-fault limit, such as lost wages, treatment, or other types of economic loss, such as health care expenses.

Towing and labor: This is an optional service that covers the expense of towing your vehicle. It is only accessible in certain jurisdictions and on vehicles that have collision and comprehensive coverage.

Income loss: Pays up to the limits of your policy in the event you are involved in an accident and unable to return to work.

Funeral benefit: Covers funeral, burial, or cremation costs if an insured individual dies as a result of injuries sustained in a covered accident within 24 months.

Accidental death: Provides benefits to the insured individual’s family or personal representative in the event of his or her death as a consequence of a covered accident.

Combines medical expenditures, income loss benefits, accidental death benefits, and funeral benefits into a single policy. The overall amount is $177,500, with further restrictions on specific categories.

Extraordinary medical benefits: Coverage for medical and rehabilitation care up to $1 million. Available exclusively to policyholders who choose for $100,000 in medical coverage or a mix of first-party and third-party benefits.

Loan/lease payoff: Covers the difference between the value of your car at the time it is totaled or stolen and the balance remaining on your loan or lease. To get this insurance, you must have collision and comprehensive coverage.

Reviews and concerns about General Insurance

The General’s customer service experience leaves a lot to be desired. Customers frequently express dissatisfaction with the speed with which claims are processed or with rejections.

Permanent General Assurance Corporation, the firm subsidiary with the largest market share, received a 4.02 rating on the most current NAIC Complaint Index. The national median is 1.00, which suggests that The General receives four times the number of complaints that would be anticipated of an insurer of its size. The majority of complaints concern claims to handle, with policyholders claiming delays, rejections of claims, and inadequate settlements.

On the other hand, The General provides an excellent mobile experience for policyholders. The General mobile app received a 4.7-star rating from Android users and a 4.7-star rating from Apple users. If you’re a high-risk driver who likes to communicate with your insurer electronically, The General may be a good fit for you.

The General Insurance Financial Strength Rating

Policyholders may feel certain about The General’s capacity to pay claims, since the firm is financially sound and was bought by the American Family, one of the largest and most stable insurers in the United States. The General has an A financial strength rating from A.M. Best Rating Services, an insurance business rating firm. This indicates that The General is “exceptionally capable” of meeting its financial responsibilities and paying claims – even if the claims procedure is frequently slower than with other insurers.

The General may be a suitable option for drivers who have difficulty acquiring insurance via other firms. While the firm does not provide major savings, you will have no trouble purchasing a policy and will even receive assistance with SR-22 filing.

Frequently asked questions

Questions that are often asked

Is The General automobile insurance a good deal?

The General is a sufficient insurer for those who are unable to obtain coverage elsewhere, such as those with poor credit or a history of traffic violations. However, rates are frequently exorbitant, and claim servicing is inadequate.

Does The General have full coverage?

Yes, The General provides comprehensive auto insurance, which includes comprehensive and collision coverage, as well as less usual coverages such as gap insurance, income loss coverage, and accidental death coverage.

Why is The General so expensive?

The General is an insurance company that specialised in providing coverage to high-risk drivers who are more likely to be involved in an accident. Ensuring a large number of drivers who often file claims increase the cost of insurance for everyone who uses that insurer, not just those who file claims.

Does The General sell home insurance?

We do not sell homes insurance at The General.

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