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Plymouth Rock Assurance has risen to become one of the Northeast’s largest car and home insurers in less than 35 years. We’re devoted to providing our clients with “More Than Just Insurance” by offering unique features like Crashbusters® mobile claims vans, Door to Door Valet Claim Service®, the Get Home Safe® taxi and ridesharing perk, Road Rewards®, and our Home Insurance Quick Quote. To get a no-obligation price, please visit or contact a Plymouth Rock representative.

Plymouth Rock has one of the most comprehensive coverage portfolios of any insurer in the nation, but it’s very expensive premiums make it difficult to recommend to the majority of consumers.

Plymouth Rock offers one of the most comprehensive auto insurance portfolios in the country. There’s a decent chance that Plymouth Rock provides the protection you’re searching for – there are literally hundreds of bonuses and advantages included in its range of insurance packages, from the entry-level Essential Assurance to the top-tier Assurance Premier.

These pleasures, however, come at a price – physically. We discovered that it was the most costly choice among the major insurers with which we compared it, with costs around 60% more than the average.

Plymouth Rock automobile insurance protection

Plymouth Rock Assurance

Plymouth Rock offers an amazing selection of coverage choices and add-ons, which is the major reason to choose Plymouth Rock.

Each insurance offered includes the Essential Assurance coverage package from Plymouth Rock. This includes guaranteed repairs, valet service for auto repairs, and a few more services.

After three years with Plymouth Rock, customers are promoted to Assurance Plus, which provides extra benefits like as pet injury coverage and mobile device coverage.

Upgrades to the Assurance Preferred or Assurance Premier packages are also available. While many of these extras may have a niche appeal, drivers seeking comprehensive coverage from their insurance are likely to find them tempting.

Additionally, clients of Plymouth Rock may add the following coverage

Accident: Eliminates the cost rise linked to a single accident that was your responsibility.
Glass coverage: Reduces or eliminates the deductible on a comprehensive claim involving just glass (such as if a rock cracks your windshield

Deductible waiver: In certain conditions, waives the deductible for collision coverage.
Gap coverage: Covers the difference between the value of your automobile and what you owe if it is completely wrecked in

New vehicle replacement: Covers the cost of completely replacing your automobile if it is damaged or stolen during the first two years of purchase.

Coverage for rideshare drivers: Covers accidents that occur while you are driving for a ridesharing company like as Uber or Lyft.

Roadside assistance: Covers the cost of a tow or other roadside services, such as additional gasoline.
Plymouth Rock also offers all of the standard auto insurance coverages that you’d expect from a vehicle insurance provider, including the following:

  • Liability protection against bodily harm and property damage
  • Protection against uninsured/underinsured motorists
  • Protection against personal harm (PIP)
  • Coverage for medical expenses
  • Coverage for collisions
  • Coverage that is comprehensive
  • Automobile insurance quotes in Plymouth Rock
  • Plymouth Rock’s rates are much higher than those of rival firms. We discovered that a 30-year-old driver in the Boston region may expect to spend around $1,364 for basic insurance and $3,812 for comprehensive coverage. Both of these alternatives are over 60% more costly than the average among the insurers we examined in Massachusetts, and more than twice as expensive as the least expensive options.

Reviews and ratings of customer service

Plymouth Rock receives around average customer service evaluations. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners assigned it a complaint index of 0.88, indicating that it has received 88 percent as many complaints as a typical insurer of comparable size – somewhat more than normal.

However, it scored a below-average grade in J.D. Power’s consumer satisfaction study, indicating that clients were not uniformly satisfied with their service.

It’s worth mentioning that A.M. Best, a financial reporting firm, has assigned Plymouth Rock an A- Financial Strength Rating. This number indicates that the organization has a good track record of paying claims, even in times of high claim demand or a challenging economic situation.

Where can I get Plymouth Rock Insurance?

Plymouth Rock is largely a New England and Northeastern United States company. It is licensed to offer insurance in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Frequently asked questions

Is Plymouth Rock a reputable insurance provider?

While Plymouth Rock offers a great array of extra coverages, its premiums are much higher than those offered by rival insurers. We suggest it just if you’re seeking a unique form of coverage that isn’t available elsewhere.

Is Plymouth Rock forgiving of accidents?

Yes, Plymouth Rock charges an additional price for accident forgiveness.

Where can I get Plymouth Rock insurance?

In Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, Plymouth Rock offers insurance.

Plymouth rock insurance phone number

If you are a policyholder or agent you may click here to report your claim online or call 866-353-6292.

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